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Chrome Extensions (ChatGPT)

ChatGPT for Google is a free extension available on the Chrome Web Store


ChatGPT – ChatGPT for Google is a free extension available on the Chrome Web Store for the Chrome internet browser. This is probably one of the best versions of ChatGPT that can be used with Google.

To initiate a response from ChatGPT, you should put a question mark at the end of your inquiry when searching on Google. Pay attention to that you will need to sign in to your OpenAI account to access ChatGPT administration through this enhancement.

ChatGPT Chatteo

This free application is available on the Google Play Store, allowing users to access ChatGPT within one application. Using this application, one can have fun with ChatGPT and use it as a tool to clarify issues and get feedback.

It can also be used to access how-to guides for various items. Note that this application is related to credits. You can buy credits or watch ads to continue using this application.

Use ChatGPT with WhatsApp and Telegram

Now you can send messages with ChatGPT on any time texting steps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Note that for everything to go well, you’ll want to have Messaging Web or WhatsApp Web installed on your PC.

Get the source code for the Chatgpt bot created by Altryne from GitHub. Add some of your design and stuff so that you get a chat-controlled bot on WhatsApp and Telegram.

PrometHeus – Talk with ChatGPT

If you think composing a question on chat is too much, you can address ChatGPT using Prometheus – Speak with ChatGPT free Chrome expansions.

When you enter your inquiry using Alexa, Siri, or voice command with Google Partner, ChatGPT will respond to you with text-based content.

ChatGPT for Web search tools

This extension is for everyone including students, engineers, architects, and content designers. It gives startlingly detailed responses to your inquiries, covering everything from coding issues to creating prom proposals.

Associate with your Whatsapp

WhatsApp chatbot is a robotic program. It interfaces with customers on the WhatsApp network using artificial intelligence or pre-optimized calculations.

You can use them to respond to customer requests about your products, share data, make advance arrangements, and send alarms about orders, installments, transportation, and more.

WhatsApp Business Chatbots use the WhatsApp Business programming interface to easily engage with your customers, employees, students, and clients.

ChatGPT History

The “ChatGPT History” module covers you! Any brief can be saved. You might post them on a public URL so everybody can see them! To store your #ChatGPT prompts, go here.


The most commonly used internet browser is Google Chrome. It has over 3.2 billion customers. While Google has reliably distributed updates and security patches for its well-known Internet browser. Program enhancements are helpful tools that can upgrade the Google Chrome client experience.

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