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Robosen T9 – A Programmable, Transformable Robot




Transformers are real, they are evolving and they look magnificent. You don’t believe me, check out this crazy cool transformers robot called T9 by Robson.

Robson T9 looks like a normal car at first glance but with the press of a button, it transforms into a crazy-looking robot that can walk, bend and make some noise. T9 robot can connect to your laptop or smartphone through which you can program it to do different actions.

T9, an out-of-your-imaginary transformable robot, is equipped with the highly-accurate gait recognition technology and 22 high-precision servo motors, enabling him to walk freely and steadily at a high-speed, 39 feet a minute, and to be highly flexible at the same time. With the solid technology basis and programming system, T9 can do all that you want him to do and be all that you want him to be!


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